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Frequently Asked Questions


How do filters work?
How do I know when to change my filter?
What filter is best for our home or business?

Depending on what you are trying to achieve there are many filtration options that would allow sufficient airflow and capture particle matter at a high rate. AirMaxx has basic testing procedures that can be performed in order to determine what filter or filtration system would best suit your needs without impacting system performance.

I heard that a pleated filters would restrict airflow, is this true?
I have seen advertising on 90% vs 20% efficient filters, what does that mean?


I have a strange odor in my home, how can I find the cause?


What does 80% or 95% efficient mean?
How does a 2-stage furnace work?
How does a single stage furnace work?

These furnaces produce all the BTU/H that they are rated for regardless if your home needs it or not. Seeing that the average furnace will last 17 to 20 years, one should really perform their cost savings analysis before making a one-time furnace purchase. The cost difference between a basic 2-stage furnace vs a basic single stage furnace is an approximate $400 one-time initial cost. You can’t control gas prices but you can now control gas usage, and how much you save over a 17 to 20 year period.

How does a variable speed blower motor work?


I have a whole house humidifier and it’s still dry.

Air Duct Cleaning

I just moved into a new home and have lots of dust, will air duct cleaning help?
In general does air duct cleaning work?
How do I verify a good duct cleaner from a bad duct cleaner?

Do your homework, before just picking the lowest or highest priced air duct cleaner, understand that you are contracting an air duct cleaner to clean as much of your air duct system as possible. There are many business owners that direct their technicians to clean only in a couple feet of the homeowner’s ductwork. Some companies charge per vent and just clean the vent openings, while other companies say they clean the main trucks, but do not.

Call different companies and use the Internet as a source to gather information, before committing to any duct cleaner. The more you understand the concepts and best practices the better armed you will be at making a good decision. Personally I would stick with a heating and air conditioning company for your air duct cleaning needs, since that was the professional trade that installed the ductwork in your home. You would not call a carpet cleaner to fix you car, so why call one to clean your ducts.

Air Purification

Is a small room air cleaner better than a whole house air cleaner?
What does ionic mean and how does it work?
How often should my dryer vent be cleaned?
Will a clogged dryer vent cause my clothes to take too long to dry?
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