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I have a whole house humidifier and it’s still dry.

Humidification in your home must be first measured before anyone can determine if there is a problem. How much humidity, at what temperature, and within what time frame will greatly impact humidification in your home. Suitable placement of the humidifier on the ventilation system will impact proper airflow for adequate humidification and placement of the humidistat will impact accurate readings.

The difficultly is not installing the humidifier, but knowing how to install it for optimal operation. For example your neighbor can have the same size home and same humidifier as you, but why are you still feeling dry whereas your neighbors no longer have dry noses, sore throats, cracking wood floors, warping wood cabinetry, and all the other problems that occur from the lack of humidity.


There is a constant odor in my basement or crawl space?

To control humidity year round we recommend installing a whole house central dehumidification system. These units are much more powerful than your portable units and will control humidity in all the rooms not just one.

The outdoor environment will greatly effect your indoor environment. For this reason your home has a furnace and an air conditioner. Unfortunately these two pieces of equipment are not the only devices that can make your indoor environment more comfortable.

If a home or business has a relative humidity above 60% it could lead to a perfect situation for allergens to thrive, such as mold. Dust mites are also more active in high relative humidity environments. Roof, structural, and wood flooring damage are just a few items in your home that are adversely affected by high relative humidity. If your air conditioner is too large for your home it may create more humidity, thus making you feel clammy.

I have a strange odor in my home, how can I find the cause?
Odor Eliminator Dehumidifiers
Odors are one of the most difficult problems to address. First you must prepare a checklist of possible causes, such as water leaks, dry sewage lines, deceased rodents or family pets and identify if outdoor weather conditions impact the odor.

A whole house dehumidifier may be the solution, just give us a call:
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