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UltraViolet Lights

Ultraviolet Light Air Purification

The Healthy Effects of UV Lights

Laboratory results demonstrated that UVC lights are an effective and efficient method of combating unhealthy air in a home. This technology has already been widely used in the processing and packaging of foods and liquids. UVC light reduces the number of infectious airborne microorganisms at varying frequencies by destroying the DNA of such microbial contaminants. The way it works is that the actual cell membrane is penetrated with the UVC light as the contaminant passes through the air, thus rendering them sterile. This is an effective method of controlling the quality of air in your home.

Ultraviolet light is measured in nanometers, representing the frequency of wavelengths between 200 and 400nm (nanometers). UV light contains three distinct bands of light, although recent research has added a fourth. Each energy band on the spectrum of light falls into a different measurement, UVA (315 to 400nm), UVB(290 to 315nm), UVC(220 to 290nm), and UVV(187nm).

The UVC band is a naturally occurring wavelength that is commonly referred to as the germicidal UV light. The UVB light leads to sunburn and cancer, the UVA light is responsible for safe sun tanning, and the UVV light destroys the chemicals of dead cells. What is most important to understand is that the microbial destruction occurs between 254nm and 265nm.

Ultraviolet Light Air Purification

I have a strange odor in my home, how can I find the cause?
Odors are one of the most difficult problems to address. First you must prepare a checklist of possible causes, such as water leaks, dry sewage lines, deceased rodents or family pets and identify if outdoor weather conditions impact the odor. AirMaxx has tests that we can perform to try to identify what the odor is and location of its source. Additionally, we have products such as UVC technology that will naturally remove odors from your environment, just give us a call (815) 254-5127.

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